Strategic AF.

I'm not French, I can't speak French, but I did go to Paris once!

My parents almost named me India. Then my name would’ve been India French, but the French and Indian War made it weird.

I quit piano as a 7-year-old and my teacher, Ms. Janét, (just Janet, but I think she wanted to sound fancy) was fairly upset with me. I picked it back up in high school, and now I wing it and play by ear.

I have three Mandolin Orange posters in my room, so I guess that makes them my favorite band.

I studied abroad in Galway, Ireland, and yes, I’m one of those people that will say it changed my life.

I’m obsessed with true crime podcasts.

I've wanted to be in advertising since sixth grade. I wanted to make commercials. (And be a shoe-designer, but that didn’t end up working out). Instead of keeping a diary, I wrote commercial ideas in a journal for my then favorite brands like Urban Outfitters and Paul Frank

I’m a current VCU Brandcenter strategy student and a proud Sewanee grad (YSR). I pride myself on being able to make the best out of a boring situation after living in the the middle-of-nowhere-Tennessee for four years.