chock full


Chock full o’ nuts

REBRAND & campaign


This storied NYC coffee brand is the antithesis of 2019 coffee culture. And Starbucks.


New Yorkers need a no-frills, damn good cup of coffee to keep them going—not a matcha latte.


A brand refresh that reflects the strength of this coffee and the New Yorkers that need it.

strategic thinking

1. Chock began as a nut shop in 1926 in New York City and then opened as a coffee shop during The Depression. It quickly became an NYC staple. An institution.

“In the 1950s and ’60s, New York City was studded with Chock Full o’ Nuts coffee shops, homegrown institutions where the budget-minded could sidle up to the lunch counter for a freshly prepared meal.” - The New York Times

2. At its peak, Chock had 100 shops throughout New York. The shops slowly but surely closed by the ‘80’s.

3. In 2010, Chock reopened a storefront as a nostalgic play for people who grew up on Chock Full o’ Nuts. A niche, dwindling portion of the NYC population.

4. Chock has since downplayed their NYC heritage. They’ve removed the “New York’s coffee since 1932” from their cans. A rich heritage that the clients themselves expressed they were so proud of. Why?

5. We dug up some old, but still relevant, quotes about the city. Some things just never change.

"When I’m in New York, I just want to walk down the street and feel this thing, like I’m in a movie." - Ryan Adams

"One can’t paint New York as it is, but rather as it is felt." - Georgia O’Keeffe

While these quotes are incredibly retro, they still ring true.

6. We dug deeper into this NYC heritage we’ve heard so much about through interviews and social research. True New Yorkers know that it isn’t Times Square or trendy coffee shops that makes this city unlike any other city in the world.

7. It’s the intangible things. The spirit of the city and the sink or swim mentality. The beauty that is the struggle of living in the city.

8. strategy

Strong coffee for strong-willed people.

creative work

brand manifesto

Chock Full O’Nuts is different.
It’s different because it doesn’t aspire to be something it’s not.
It’s a coffee brand with a deep heritage that has been with New Yorkers through a lot over the years.
All the while, Chock has remained true to self. 

Just like it’s customers, Chock is just plain strong.
Not only in flavor, but also in character.
It’s a coffee that celebrates differences, embraces originality and refuses to compromise, no matter what.


Updated logo, typefaces, and packaging.

original packaging / logo


updated packaging / logo


out of home

NYC subways are almost always stressful, and sometimes just plain horrifying. We can empathize.



You’re in NYC. You see coffee carts on every street corner with those blue and white cups. Time for a Chock coffee cart.


my roles

category research
social listening
creative brief writing
in-store research

my just plain strong teammates:

Lauren Acampora (art director)
Caroline Jordan (creative brand manager)
Ashley Devereux (creative brand manager)
Danielle Ciccolo (copywriter)
Tobi Oluwo (experience designer)