app concept


Borrow a cultural aspect or idea from India and introduce it to American culture.


Could Americans embrace the practice of arranged marriage? If parents are helping their kids find love, why can’t kids help their parents find it too?


Create the first app in the U.S. that allows children to help their parents find a partner.

strategic thinking

1. We want to take elements of arranged marriage and apply them to U.S. dating culture.

2. At its core, the practice of arranged marriage is when parents help their children find a partner.

3. In the U.S., people date to find a partner. A lot of the times, that’s on dating apps and sites.

- 40% of Americans use online dating.
- 20% of current, committed relationships began online.

4. What if we could create an app based on the premise of people helping their loved ones to find a partner?

5. There are already dating apps that exist to help people help their friends find love. There are dating apps for older adults.

6. We conducted interviews with children of single, divorced, and widowed parents:

“My parents got divorced three years ago, and I definitely do want them to each meet someone that they can be with especially as they're getting older.” - Male, 29

“My mom is really cautious about how to bring her boyfriend into the conversation. I don't really care, I just want her to be happy, but I can see that she is being very careful of my feelings in inviting him to things and such.” - Female, 24

“I’m at an age in my life where I really want my mom to find that next partner for… the rest of her life. I’d honestly do anything I can to help make that happen.” - Male, 26

7. Target:
Adult children feeling anxiety over their single parents finding someone.

8. app strategy

Flip arranged marriage on it’s head:

From parents helping their children…
…to children helping their parents.

9. Introducing “Nudge”: The first app in the U.S. that allows family members to be the catalyst in helping their loved ones find a partner.

10. Goals:
- Allow adult children to have buy-in and support their parent’s significant other.
- Be a leader in content around romantic relationships at older ages and how to communicate about relationships with adult children.

app prototype

Pasted Graphic.png

Children (over 18) of single parents have the option to make a profile for themselves or their parent. In our mockup, the user is the child of a single parent. The user enters some basic, demographic info about their parent (Lisa), and is then prompted to send an email invitation to that family member.

Pasted Graphic 1.png

An example of the email invitation that Lisa would receive. Their profile isn’t public until she accepts and finishes her profile setup.

Pasted Graphic 2.png

From here on, Lisa takes ownership of her profile by adding more in-depth info like hobbies and ambitions. On the home page, she can access her profile, messages with matches, favorites, discover other users, and access dating tips.

Pasted Graphic 3.png

An example of another user’s profile page, Lisa’s messages, and her favorites.

Nudge is:
reactive to needs (relationship goals).
proactive in educating and guiding in the “dating with adult kids” space.

my roles

app design
conducting interviews
secondary research
deck design

made possible with my teammates:

Chorong Kim (strategist)
Kyle Stolcis (strategist)
Kate Fallon (strategist)