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Change the way the world thinks about menstruation issues and undo the social stigmas surrounding them.


In 2019, menstruation is still a social taboo. Brands and organizations are working hard to change society’s antiquated perceptions.


For military menstruators, their problem isn’t the social stigma, but access to hygiene products, privacy, and sanitary environments.


Keep military menstruators combat ready by introducing an all-encompassing menstruation kit.

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 strategic thinking

  1. In 2019, menstruation is still a social taboo. Brands and organizations are working hard to change society’s antiquated perceptions.

  2. Through interviews with military menstruators, we found they feel anxious about being prepared for their periods:

    “The ship will typically have smaller travel sized boxes and with 0 variety… 1 pad option and 1 tampon option.” - Jenny, Assistant Supply Officer/O2 (Navy)

    “If you had the time, you could use a baby wipe or some canteen water to wash yourself because you don’t have access to a shower.” - Anonymous Soldier

    “There is a military doctor onboard who will give out Motrin for cramps --- that does nothing, so I usually ‘suck it up’” –  Jen, Assistant Supply Officer/O2 (Navy)

  3. For military menstruators, their problems aren’t a social stigma, but rather:

    Access to hygiene products,

    Privacy to replace and dispose of hygiene products,

    Sanitation of the environments that they are living in.

  4. We don’t want to hide the existence of periods in the military. We need to ensure periods don’t keep soldiers from their duties.

  5. This led to our insight that military menstruators are soldiers first and foremost, which transcends any gender-specific differences.

  6. strategy

    Keep military menstruators combat ready.

creative work

Introducing the Pelican MTK: a Menstruation Tool Kit with a spot for everything. We partnered with Pelican Cases, a durable brand already utilized and trusted by the military. Our goal is to make the Pelican MTK standard issue for all military menstruators.

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The MTK is stocked with:

An individual’s preferred choice of hygiene products, hand sanitizer, hygienic wipes, medication, heat patches, and waste bags.

The Pelican MTK has a separate waste compartment so menstruators can dispose of sanitary products with ease and discretion. When supplies run low, they can document the products they need and give the list to the person in charge of fulfillment.


The Pelican MTK and The Case For Her will help military menstruators do their jobs without being inhibited by their periods.

my roles

primary research
social listening
creative brief writing
voice over

my badass teammates:

Chloe Friedman (art director)
Joelle Halle (experience designer)
Zach Brown (creative brand manager)